Ad Tech Calculator - Calculator for Media Planning Professionals

The Ad Tech Calculator app can calculate simple, everyday media planning and advertising formulas. When you don’t have a calculator near by, you forgot the exact formula, or you just quickly want to figure out a new CPM, GRP, or Impression level, this app makes it easy.

Enter any two (2) out of three (3) variables and the Ad Tech Calculator will calculate the third. It’s that simple. Use it to find:

- GRPs
- Ratings
- Impressions
- Reach/Frequency
- Net/Gross

In addition to calculating the answer for you, we provide the written formula for each calculation so you can understand how we got to that number, and be able to do these calculations on your own. (It also never hurts to show someone else just how much you know about all of this!)

Made by a media planner and Ad-Tech professional, this is tried and tested in the work place. It is also updated on a regular basis to add new formulas and stay up to date with marketplace changes.