Uber Takes on Mayor de Blasio

Uber took out a high-profile ad today on the homepage of the New York Times to protest de Blasio's plan to limit Uber drivers in New York City. This is just the latest on a big push by Uber to generate support among their user base and get users to email the mayor's office in support of the service.

I believe, as does everyone else I know (an admittedly biased view) that Uber is the way of the future and the move by de Blasio and other government's is just delaying the inevitable. I do understand the need for safety and regulations but limiting a service like the mayor is suggesting is just foolish.

I for one feel much safer in an Uber than I do in a cab. In a cab you have a guy who barely speaks English, doesn't follow any traffic laws, constantly whispers into their Bluetooth the entire ride and usually tries to take you the long way to jack up the fair. In Uber you get a clean car, a quite driver who provides you with water and gum, has a clear GPS of where you are going and if they do take the long way Uber will usually refund you part of your fair. 

I'm rooting for Uber here and while it looks like they'll still have to fight, in the long run they will win. To support their efforts in NYC you can fill out a short form here: http://petition.uber.org/nyc/