Periscope is good, might need a little work

Twitter is making a big push to get users to adopt their new app Periscope and stop using Meerkat. I had never really used Meerkat but when Periscope came out I gave it a try. I think overall it works well and could signal a change in the way people share content but there are some issues.

The first is finding a way to categorize content. I opened the app for the first time on March 26. It just so happened that on that day a building exploded in the East Village (2 blocks from my apartment). Some people were broadcasting videos from the location or showing the smoke. I thought this was a great way to use the app because it's broadcasting news in real time and people are able to comment on it. Where was it, what happened, what did people know as of this vary moment? Much better reporting than going to CNN.

That being said there was one glaring issue. For popular posts Periscope shows hearts along with the comments (see below). I did feel that hearts next to people commenting on a deadly building explosion wasn't really appropriate. 

I'm not sure if this was thought through and I wouldn't blame them for not thinking about this type of situation, but there needs to be some kind of filter for the app. If someone is sharing something that is NSFW or even just sensitive, people should be warned ahead of time and I don't think the hearts always make sense.

As is the case with every new social sharing app there are still things to iron out. Assuming they figure it out, I think it's a great app and great idea. I could see people sharing live streams not just on twitter but on Facebook where video is quickly becoming the most shared content. But before my newsfeeds fill up with live streams I want to know that what I'm going to see if safe content.

Now I guess I'll just sit back and wait for people to live stream their meals before eating and their cats wearing funny hats. Its just a matter of time.