WellDeserved Pokes Fun at Start-Ups and Tech Perks, Isn't all That Crazy

This video is about a fake start-up, WellDeserved, that pokes fun at both start-ups and their culture by creating a company that lets people sell the perks they get for working at a tech company. For funding they say "We expect VCs to give us money because this is San Francisco and we have an idea." I must say I've heard worst reasons for company's to be funded (remember Yo?).

As someone who gets gifts from tech companies almost weekly, I have to admit that my first thought was that this was a real service. Anyone who works in media planning has at one point gotten a gift or perk that they don't want or need. Anything from a lunch at the newest trendy restaurant to a tot bag, sun glasses, watches, wine, etc.

I myself have re-gifted a lot of things for friend's birthdays or the holidays. I've even put things on ebay (like when I randomly got 3 Jawbones one holiday season). I'm not proud of that and would never tell the sales rep that sent me the gift that I just sold it and used it to pay for a bar tab or towards a flight somewhere, but I don't think twice about doing it.

This video is funny and I thought it was worth sharing, but if you work in the tech/digital media/start-up space I'm sure this will make you laugh, followed immediately by a slightly uncomfortable sigh as you realize how close to home this hits.