I am an advertising professional, entrepreneur, teacher and travel enthusiast. Learn more about my career, companies, projects and more.


Currently I'm at Smaato, a mobile exchange and SSP, as Manager of Business Development for Supply Partnerships, AMERICAS. My career in digital advertising started in 2007 and has included agencies, tech companies, global clients & work and my own start-up.

Digital Advertising & Marketing 101 & 201

I've created multiples courses on Udemy covering the basics of Digital Advertising and Marketing. The courses cover the digital advertising basics, all the way to how the ecosystem works together, and subjects like Programmatic, Header-bidding, and more.


In 2011, after taking a trip from NYC to Boston I had the crazy idea of starting a meta-search for buses. After more than a year of research and hard work, I launched the a website and mobile app in 2013. Read more about bustripping here. 


Side Projects

The Media Math App - Advertising Calculator is I an app I made while working on the agency side. It allows advertising & media professionals to easily and quickly calculate 11 everyday formulas such as CPM, GRP, Rating, CPI, etc.

Noteworthy Links:

Twitter Case Study: During August of 2014 I planned a social campaign for Six Flags Theme Parks to drive sales of 2015 season passes. The campaign was a major success and Twitter compiled a case study to showcase their products.


New York Times Article: In 2013 The New York Times published an article about the bus industry and how my company and another were changing the game by creating online search engines for buses.